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Direct Impact Solutions

Does your organization need an immediate fix?

The 6hours Direct Impact Solutions deliver to their promise; a comprehensive offering of services that have a direct impact on your organizations challenges regarding People, Processes and Performance. Direct Impact Solutions contribute to instant performance improvement delivered through: 

- (executive) advice
- 1:1 coaching
- introductions & connections
- on-the-job learning and support
- workshops
- tools & templates
- proven methodologies 
- other

The following are our most common Direct Impact solutions (list continues on second page).

Sales On Fire!

Where is the Money? 

How to work with Analysts? 

Strategic Clients 

Engage, Convince and Inspire your salesteam


  • Re-ignite the spirit in your team!
  • Focus on can do rather than obstacles
  • Coaching on Mindset & Team Building
  • Opportunity, Proposal & Deal Coaching
  • Prepare & Follow up of prospect meetings
  • Pragmatic and tailored situational advice.


Indentify your Market Opportunity


  • Due diligence on value proposition & key strengths
  • Competition & Substitutes
  • Capacity & Capabilities analysis
  • Channel strategy
  • Territory planning & optimisation
  • Target client base


Working with Research Analyst firms


  • Industry Analyst firms: who does what?
  • How do they work?
  • Myths & strengths
  • How & who to approach
  • Push vs Pull techniques
  • Optimise your value for money from your Gartner, Forrester, IDC contract
  • Develop an approach focussed on building valuable relationships


Strategic accounts & territory planning


  • Review key strengths & address key weaknesses
  • What is your 80:20?
  • Strategic Accounts approach
  • Smart Pricing & Negotiation strategies
  • Shorten decision cycles
  • Client Relationship Reviews
  • Win/Loss analysis
  • Client Panels & CIO Advisory Board


Get instant business results!

Decide with confidence! 

Leverage Analyst Relationships for growth!

Achieving short term results through long term relationships! 

Do you value more in-depth information or is a solution to your challenge not listed?
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